Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lesson from a green leaf

This post is written just because I felt so guilty about keeping this page idle for nearly two years!!! So kindly bear if this sounds like meaningless rambling.!!

A green leaf is green not because it possesses that color but because it absorbs all the colors other than green and reflects green to the world. So is a flaming red rose, that reflects red to the world. (high school Physics)

Your name and fame is earned/ known not by what you possess/ absorb but by what you give back to the world. White is considered pristine only because it gives back all it ever received. Be a person of white heart, giving all you receive back to the society.

Whatever you are, whichever you possess, by whatsoever you are made of - say food, water, clothing, shelter, education, job, life, etc is taken from this world. Find ways and means to give back to the society/ ecosystem - feed an underprivileged kid or plant and nurture a tree, donate your old clothes and sometimes even new ones, help in educating a kid or even an older man - by money/ physical effort and other such initiatives. Countries and corporations are exploring ways to be carbon positive. 

As individuals, we need to be at least resource neutral, give back as much resources as we take, be it tangible ones like food, water, clothing, shelter or intangible ones like kindness, compassion, education, livelihood, confidence and what not. I am not listing out all you can do; your imagination is a lot more vivid than mine. But keep this thought always in mind in your daily life and convert into action, in a small way, everyday. You will be surprised by the results of such consistent small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Only when all of us as individuals act resource neutral, life in general and mankind in particular can survive and sustain, else humans and life on earth, as we know it, will just be another footnote in the history much like dinosaurs, mammoths and marsupial lions.