Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Have we actually developed as a species or regressed??

Ability to use and access a machine to perform supposedly complex/menial physical and mental tasks could be termed as development in popular parlance. Going by that definition, if we could access a calculator/ computer to perform a multiplication or addition or if we have access to a car/ scooter to reach the neighbourhood grocery shop could qualify as development. Can we really call it a development?

I used to marvel at my dad who used to recount stories of his daily walk of 6 to 8 kms coupled with swimming as a routine activity. Don’t think he is a superman to be able to do such complex activities. Such exploits are par for the course for the kids of that age. Guess our kids would similarly be in awe when we tell them that we use to walk to get groceries and milk from our neighbourhood as they might be using machines even to get to the next room in your house.

Kids of today scurry for their calculator even to multiply 17 with 9 or to compute three fourths of 8. Come to think of it, I was just an above average kid in my school days but we never resorted to using calculator to perform such arithmetics. It would be blasphemous to use calculator as it would render you a moron in the eyes of your friends.. Now we pride ourselves on our ability to access technology for even seemingly mundane computations..

Haven’t we as a race lost a bit of our physical and mental faculties? Can it legitimately be called development or progress? As the saying goes, too much of anything is good for nothing. Have we reached that stage with respect to technology??

When you are able to use something to your advantage, you can call yourself a master of that something.. But when we use technology too much, are we masters or slaves?

Too many questions and not enough implementable solutions in sight!!!!!!!! 
The solution stares you right in the face.. But do we have the will to implement it??? Have we come too far down the bridge to really go back??