Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hail Barbarism!!!!!!

I find it funny when someone like tirumavalavan, nedumaran, "doctor" ramadoss and karunanidhi suddenly start espousing the cause of abolition of death sentence on grounds of civility. It would have been particularly amusing to imagine Mr. Tirumalvalavan and Mr. Ramadoss, men who are civilised enough to cut trees to block traffic when someone of their ilk is arrested, to shout vehemently at top of their voices that we are not medieval civilisation to promote state martyrdom. That Hindu devoted two full op-ed pages to decry abolition of death sentence made me wonder what all the fuss is about. What is the point in abolishing death sentence when it is already administered only in rarest of rare cases.

If plotting and executing the murder of a senior political leader who was the country's PM till two years ago, does not  qualify for capital punishment, then I wonder whether we as a nation have lost the spine and is willing to accept any scathe inflicted on us without murmur in the name of civility. Damn that Civility!!! We dither for years whether or not to execute people who literally waged war on the country and when the system finally gets around to execute the punishment, we see such a hue and cry that we are a civilised country and we ought not to act barbaric by killing a fellow man. Spare a thought for the hundreds of policemen and civilians who lost their lives and limbs when the dastardly cowards struck terror.

When we hesitate to kill even such barbaric cowards, what is the signal we are sending out to the world. We are such gracious hosts. Guys and gals from around the world, our country welcomes you with all your arms and ammunition; have fun with our lives and kill however and whoever; we won't touch even a hair of you; we would arrest you, feed you well till end of your life with the taxes of very people who you have killed. God damn these hypocrites. If sparing these b****rds qualifies me for civilisation, I am honoured to be called 'Barbarian'.

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