Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why is TV hypnotizing??

In recent times, there has been an increase in the circulation of mails weeping about how much of our personal space is encroached by Television. In fact, there is one heart-rending essay purported to have been written by a child wishing to be a Television so that they can get undivided attention of his/her family members. One can easily relate oneself to frantic and often violent fights that happen in households over possession of TV remote as if it is ancient Somras guaranteed to bestow immortality on its purveyors or a $100 million lottery ticket whose number has just appeared in television as the lucky draw ticket.

One tends to think why is TV such omnipotent? How can it hypnotise millions of otherwise sane individuals to witness mediocre soaps and sporting contests, almost endlessly?

Television transports the spectator to an almost unreal world, so out of tune with his mundane routine, in to a world where he/she has no control over the happenings. It gives him/her an avenue for escapism, to flee from everyday problems and issues at least for a short period of time and indulge himself. It caters to his/her sub-conscious desires and aspirations – to fly and perform stunts like a super-man, to be outstanding sportsmen, to be like omni-lovable Casanovas and Cleopatras on screen, to be someone or something which they had always secretly wished but could not muster enough courage or will to do so for whatever reasons.

On another front, Television does not make value judgements on the people around, does not expect them to change for its sake mandatorily though people may change their routine out of their own sweet-will, and tells its own stories when you want to and not when they wish to. So much better than people, huh..

Every tail has its own head. Every winter has its own spring. Duality is the essence of life and in fact the universe.


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  2. Totally agree with you Preethi on the potential of TV in breaking families.. Being an eternal cynic that I am, just trying to understand why people get absorbed to TV so that we can find the remedy. Watching TV is just a symptom of a deeper cause. We should treat the cause not the symptom and I am only trying to find the cause with this blog. Your comments on the issue is hugely welcome.

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  4. When did Somras guarantee immortality??? It is amruth that does it. Somras is only "Sarakku", consumed for pleasure and nothing but pleasure.
    But on the blog what u've written is true.

  5. When did Somras guarantee immortality??? It is more because of the fact that I recently read a book called "Immortals of Meluha" which talks about Somras as being the beverage that cures one of all his/her ills and diseases..