Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Menace that is Maoism

My Way or High Way:
This seems to be the motto of all revolutionaries.. All revolutionaries start under the garb of public interest. As they grow in stature n power, power intoxicates them and gives them an omni-potent allure. They tend to get autocratic, callous and indifferent to very people they started out to fight for. The complacency breeded by their sense of power will ultimately prove their undoing. Just look at LTTE for example.

But once the movement unravels, one would discover, the regions that were under their swamp would be many a mile behind the rest of the world on all parameters with future of millions at stake. This would only breed further discontent, more armed struggle and a vicious cycle of underdevelopment.

A look at the history would reveal that a communist land was never a utopia but more of a dystopia where everything was reduced to Lowest Common Denominator and innovation was severely hampered.

So how to get out of this vicious cycle, how to avoid slidding deeper into the morass that is Naxal invasion..

Tackling Maoists:
Create an elite force to tackle the Maoists, selecting their cadre, predominantly from locals aware of d terrain.
Train them mentally (brain-wash, if you can call it as such) against Maoist ideals to remove the scourge that is Maoism by their developmental work. Allocate sufficient funds for this elite force to engage in developmental work as well apart from military offensives.
Allow this mentally trained individuals to intrude as common men into the midst of Maoists/Naxals, which can be a useful means to strategise operations against them.
Indulge in your power of propaganda. Ensure supply of power to the tribal areas and distribute televisions to all free (seek the TN govt's help in ensuring the success of this endeavor). Complement your good work at the ground with powerful propaganda over TV.

"Communism in Russia is not eliminated by military offensives. It is the media propaganda showcasing the merits of free society, that did the trick."

Don't invade and conquer people's lands and houses; Invade their minds, conquer them.

A day for eliminating Maoists will not be far.

Marxism, Maoism, and Utopianism: Eight Essays

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