Monday, March 29, 2010

Religion kills and so do drugs!!!

I recently visited a website that is supposed to show live streaming of international cricket matches. It also contained a window for visitors to chat and discuss about the live match.

A cursory look at the chat room revealed plenty of hate mails by people of various nationalities poking fun at other nations/religions with such a hatred and viciousness that you can be forgiven to have forgotten that you have stumbled upon a website glorifying religious fanaticism.

The discussion gave roots to a whirl of thoughts about the usefulness of the religion. If the so-called educated elite possessing access to internet can have such dangerous notions, one wonders where the fault lies - Is it with the religion or with the education? Has religion outlived its utility? Perhaps, should we start thinking of some other mechanism to influence people's behaviour - a Big Brother sort of myth?

Isn't it time to include "Religious Education" in our education curriculum to impart basic understanding of major world religions in young minds on the lines of Sex education?

Its quite difficult to believe that God would lay down a plethora of strict rules and regulations for people (an omni-potent regulator) to follow, punishing even small deviations with severe ordainment. Its even harder to understand a religion's stance that non-adherents shall cease to exist. Do they actually say that? Again no clear answers for religious texts written in ancient language give rise to varied interpretations.

History has been replete with countless instances of men killing each other in the name of religion - Crusades, 100 year war, Jewish persecution, Christian-Muslim wars in many European, Asian countries - Armenia, Albania, Bosnia-Serbia, India-Pakistan, Srilankan crisis, etc and the list is endless. If something can kill people, its bad. Tobacco kill; Alcohol kills; Drugs kill; And so do religions. We have made Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs illegal.. Should we actually start to get our thoughts rolling on whether we have to illegalise Religion as such?


  1. history shows that banning something has not given us the desired effect. whether drugs or alchohol or tobacco people still use it the same will be the case here too and it might be even more violent

  2. like you said i too belive no religion would approve all these things which people are doing in its name. then why go banning it. if not religion people will find some other reason to fight and kill one another. so the trouble is not religion but the nature of man himself. The best possible solution would be to ban(kill) all human beings atleast other animals would be living peaceful

  3. @Anand. Illegalising religions may result in following consequences.
    1. Illegalising religion will make it a social taboo on the lines of Drugs, Alcohol. Though you cant eliminate it at one stroke, it can be a good step
    2. Such an action such galavanise unified actions from all religions under a single umbrella.

  4. I believe more than one question is raised in the blog though the last one seem to have grabbed all your attention... Its jus an open question "Should we illegalise religion?"..